What is Mazda Future Value

Mazda Future Value (MFV)** is the minimum value of your Mazda at the end of your loan term (subject to Mazda Finance Vehicle Condition Requirements and agreed kilometres being met) is agreed when you buy your new Mazda. A Mazda Future Value Certificate will be added to your Credit Contract. This means that if you decide to return your car at the end of the loan term, you can feel confident knowing how much your Mazda will be worth to us. You will also enjoy lower regular repayments^ compared to a standard personal car loan as your repayments are based on the value of the car excluding the Mazda Future Value.



Discover your perfect Mazda from our new range, and once you are ready to make it yours, all you need to do is follow four easy steps.

Finance Terms and Conditions


Find the Finance that's right for you

Choosing between a lease or loan can be confusing - but we're here to make it easier. And the decision really starts with how you like to do things.

Credit Contract or Lease?

Credit Contract Agreement

I'm interested in purchasing a vehicle with a loan.

You own the vehicle, but it is used as security for the loan. A Mazda Finance Credit Contract gives you total ownership of the vehicle.

Maximum flexibility - with our Credit Contract.

Our Credit Contract is a traditional fixed rate vehicle loan that pays off the entire vehicle.  You can also choose the Mazda Future Value option which allows you to defer part of the purchase cost until the end of the term of the loan.  This means payments are lower compared to traditional car loans.


  • Drive now, pay as you go
  • Flexible deposit amount
  • Flexible payments
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Option to include, Mazda Vehicle Insurance and Payment Protection insurance.
  • Tax deductions (for businesses).
  • Trade-in or keep vehicle at end of the plan.
  • Mazda Future value option.

For information on interest rates and fees please see CONSUMER INTEREST RATES AND FEES.

Download Credit Contract Brochure

Finance Lease

I like to upgrade to a new model every couple of years and plan on returning the vehicle.

Vehicle leasing gives you the use of a brand new (or late model) car for a fixed period of time - usually 2, 3 or 4 years. It's a great alternative to buying and widely used by businesses as a cost-effective way of obtaining a vehicle without diverting valuable working capital.

Lease your vehicle with the ability to offer to purchase for a fixed amount at the end of the lease.

You can also opt for the Mazda Guaranteed Minimum Value to protect from potential residual value loss if the vehicle value drops.


  • Low initial outlay (from one monthly payment)
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Terms from 24 to 60 months
  • Tax deductions (for businesses) *
  • Option to offer to purchase the vehicle at the end of the plan
  • Protect your resale value with Mazda Guaranteed Minimum Value option
  • Choose to add Mazda Vehicle Insurance and Payment Protection insurance

* Tax arrangements may vary – we recommend talking to your accountant or financial advisor.

Download Finance Lease Brochure



How do Mazda Finance Rates work?

Essentially, they are interest rates that are personalised to your financial circumstances. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we use your credit score and other relevant criteria to calculate a rate that’s right for you.  Using smart and sophisticated software, Mazda Dealers will calculate a rate based on your individual credit score and other criteria determined by us. No matter who you are or where in New Zealand you live, you can be sure of a transparent rate that’s tailored to your personal financial circumstances.

How does this affect me?

Mazda Finance is deeply committed to providing you with quality finance options that are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. With Mazda Finance’s Tailored Rates, you can be sure that you’re always getting a transparent interest rate for your loan.

What can affect my credit score?

There are lots of things that can affect your credit score, including your payment history, how much credit you have available and how many active credit accounts you have. Getting a quote does not impact on your credit score.

Why should I borrow from Mazda Finance rather than a bank?

Unlike banks and other financial institutions, we calculate your rate based on your credit score and other personal criteria determined by us. This means you can always be sure of a rate that’s transparent and tailored to you.

Is this the most competitive interest rate Mazda Finance can give me now?

Based on your credit score and other financial criteria, this is the only fixed rate that Mazda Finance can offer you right now.


We offer a range of finance products at competitive consumer interest rates. Our current rates are shown below. They are current as from 1 August 2022, until further notice:


Interest rate


Credit Contract

8.25% - 13.95%


Finance Lease

8.25% - 13.95%


All rates are fixed for the term of the contract.

With our tailored interest rates, the actual consumer interest rate you pay is dependent on a number of factors including the loan term, deposit, amount financed, your previous credit history, amount of your existing expenses / debt, employment and residential stability, security offered and the finance product.

Default consumer interest charges

If you default in payment, then while the default continues, you must pay default interest on the amount you have not paid. Default consumer interest is 5% over the annual interest rate that applies to you, or 18% p.a., whichever is the greater.

Consumer credit fees and charges

The following consumer credit fees and charges are, or may become, payable under or in connection with a contract:


When payable


Establishment Fee

Payable when an account is activated.

Up to $475

PPSR Processing Fee

Payable when the contract is activated.


Full Prepayment Early Termination Fee

Payable if you end the contract before the End Date.

If we suffer a financial loss when you repay a loan early you may also have to pay a further amount, calculated using the formula in Regulation 9 of the Credit Contracts & Consumer Finance Regulations 2004, to compensate us for that loss.


Assignment Fee

Payable when we consent to an assignment of the contract by you to another person.


Variation Fee

Payable when we agree to change the structure of your loan.


Payment Frequency / Billing Date Fee

Payable when we agree to change the frequency or date of the loan payments. Does not apply to Driveway Agreements.


Refund Fee

Payable for processing a refund to you of an overpayment or balance.


Small Balance Fee

Payable for processing an end of loan credit balance that is less than the refund fee.

$15 maximum fee

MFV Return Fee

Payable when utilising the Mazda Future Value Certificate


GFV Return Fee

Payable when utilising the Mazda Guaranteed Minimum Value Certificate


Substitution of Goods Fee

Payable when the property which we have a security interest in is changed.


Customer Service Investigation Fee

Charged for time taken to supply you with information you request.

$85 per hour (minimum $10)


Default consumer fees

In the event of a breach of the contract or on the enforcement of the contract, the default fees specified below are payable:

Default Fees:

  • $13 Payable if any payment is dishonoured or reversed or unpaid
  • $17.50 Payable on issue by us of a Repossession Warning Notice
  • $100 Payable on issue by us of a Repossession Warrant to our repossession agent
  • $50 Payable on issue by us of a Post Repossession Notice
  • $10 Payable on issue of a Notice of Demand under an unsecured facility
  • $50 Payable on a Service of Demand under an unsecured facility
  • $15 Late Payment for when payment becomes overdue
  • $33 Payment Amendment Fee


1.1 Responsible Lending

Mazda Finance complies with the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Regulation 2004 and exercises the care, diligence, and skill of a responsible lender.

The Responsible Borrowing Code sets out the guidelines for anyone taking out a loan and sets out the minimum requirements.

The Responsible Lending Code sets out the requirements a lender must follow.

In addition, Mazda Finance is member of the Financial Services Federation and takes it obligations as a responsible lender seriously complying with all legislative requirements.

Unregulated financial advice

You are protected by responsible lending laws. Because of these protections, the recommendations given to you about any consumer credit contract or relevant insurance contract products are not regulated financial advice.

This means that duties and requirements imposed on people who give financial advice do not apply to these recommendations. This includes a duty to comply with a code of conduct and a requirement to be licensed.

1.2 Dispute Resolution

If you would like to discuss a Finance or Insurance complaint, you will be pleased to know that a Mazda Finance customer service manager is ready to assist.

Please complete the form Located under contact us www.mazda.co.nz/get-in-touch/ and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, to speak with us directly, please call 0800 800 626.

If you do not receive a satisfactory resolution, please refer your complaint to the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman scheme. This free independent dispute resolution scheme can be contacted via the below:

PO BOX 10845 Wellington 6143| 0800 888 202 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.|  www.ifso.nz

Mazda Finance is a division of Toyota Finance New Zealand Limited and is registered under the Financial Services Providers (Registration and Disputes Resolution) Act 2008 under registration number FSP27861 and is a member of the above disputes resolution scheme.

1.3 Hardship

Unforeseen hardship

If you are having trouble making your loan repayments or experiencing hardship, Mazda Finance may be able to help.

We know that unforeseen events can happen in life and cause financial difficulties. These include injury, illness, changes to your regular income, a relationship breakdown, or the death of a spouse or partner.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your repayments because of a change in circumstances outside of your control, make sure you talk to us as soon as possible, simply call 0800 800 626.  You can also complete the form under contact us at www.mazda.co.nz/get-in-touch/ and mention that you are experiencing hardship.

You can make a hardship application in writing at any time. You must bring your payments up to date before applying for hardship if you have:

  • Been in default for 2 months or more
  • Been in default for two weeks or more after receiving a repossession warning notice
  • Not made four or more consecutive debt repayments on their due dates

We will work with you to understand how your change in circumstances is influencing your financial position and what can be done to assist you. We might be able to offer some assistance to help you cope with your financial difficulties. Assistance is determined on a case-by-case basis and could include reducing your repayments for a period of time and/or a term extension. Please note that both of these options will increase the overall cost of your loan.

Financial mentoring 

If you have concerns about your finances, you can get free and confidential advice from an independent service, MoneyTalks which is funded by the Ministry of Social Development. You can contact MoneyTalks via:

Freephone: 0800 345 123
Text: 4029
EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Online chat/websitehttp://www.moneytalks.co.nz

www.sorted.org.nz is another helpful site.


Mazda Finance“Rule of 78” Settlement Methodology for Non-Consumer Loans

The “Rule of 78” is a method used by banks and finance companies to break down the principal and interest in the monthly repayment of an instalment loan. Under this rule, the proportion of interest in the monthly payments decreases over the course of the loan period. For example, if a loan is to be repaid over 12 months, the total interest will be divided into 78 portions (12 + 11 + 10 + … + 1 = 78).

12/78ths of the interest is allocated as the first month’s portion of the total interest, 11/78ths of the interest is allocated as the second month’s portion and so on until the twelfth month, at which time 1/78th of the interest is allocated as that month’s portion of the total interest.

The total interest portions for different loan terms are illustrated as below:

Loan Term (Months)

Interest Portion


78 (12 + 11 + 10 +...+ 1)


300 (24 + 23 + 22 +...+ 1)


666 (36 + 35 + 34 +...+ 1)


1,176 (48 + 47 + 46 +...+ 1)


1,830 (60 + 59 + 58 +...+ 1)


When loans are settled early, we use the formula in the example below to ensure we calculate an accurate settlement amount using the “Rule of 78” to calculate the interest component for our loans.

The settlement due in the example below is based on a $5000, 24-month loan, with 24 regular payments, a 12% p.a. interest rate, that is settled after making 6 regular payments.

Rule of 78 Settlement Methodology



Example Using Formulas

Finance Calculator

I would like to borrow $
over at %

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided only as a general self-help planning tool.
Results depend on various factors and we do not guarantee the accuracy, or applicability to your circumstances.
This does not constitute as a formal quote.

Apply for Pre-Approval

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Mazda Insurance


Mazda Vehicle Insurance (MVI) is superior comprehensive car insurance cover for both new & used vehicles…

The key features of Mazda Vehicle Insurance are:

  • Cover for all vehicles up to 20 years old.
  • Good-as-new guaranteed: we ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest possible standard.
  • We’ll pay the purchase price on vehicles: If your vehicle is stolen or damaged within the first 12 months of purchase from a Dealer and cannot be repaired to our standards, we will pay you the purchase price.
  • GAP cover – covers the difference if, in the event of an accident, your vehicle's insured value is less than the amount owing on your finance (to a maximum of 20% of the vehicle's market value)
  • Round-the-clock accident assistance
  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Plus numerous other features including legal liability cover, trailer, medical expenses cover, key and lock replacement and more – check a copy of the policy for the current details.

For full Terms and Conditions please download the policy wording below.

Read the Solvency and Financial Strength ratings of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Limited here.

Need a quote?

Simply contact your Mazda Dealer for an obligation-free insurance quote. 

For Renewals, Policy Management and Urgent Accident Assistance

Call 0800 800 626. We want to make sure you’re ok if an accident ever occurs. 

Download Vehicle Insurance Brochure

Download Vehicle Insurance Policy


Forget the crystal ball – count on a rock-solid Mazda protection plan instead.

Predicting the future is impossible, but taking out a sensible, secure payment protection plan is easily sorted with Mazda Finance. Take out the worry – Mazda Payment Protection insurance is a quick, easy and affordable way to make sure you can always keep up your payments, no matter what happens.

  • Covers your repayments in the event of unemployment – up to a maximum of 365 days
  • Accident or illness cover (for time off in excess of 7 days), until you are able to recommence work or until the end of the loan period, whichever is the earlier.
  • Life insurance cover up to $100,000 on the balance owed
  • Cost is conveniently included in your monthly payments
  • Joint cover option (and if either of you is affected you can claim)
  • No paying for extra – focused cover for just the amount financed
  • Hassle-free – no physical exam needed
  • Cover begins instantly on approval of your application
  • Caregiver cover up to a maximum of 365 days

Subject to full policy terms and conditions. Contact your Mazda Dealer for more information on Mazda Payment Protection.

Download Payment Protection Brochure

Download Payment Protection Policy


Making a Claim

What you should do first

As soon as you are aware of a possible claim please call Mazda Insurance on 0800 800 626.

What you should do next

  • You must check and sign the claim form you will be sent and return it to us as is reasonably possible.
  • You must supply at your own expense any certificates, information and evidence that we may require.

Accidents do happen, so it pays to be prepared...

Here’s everything you need to know if you do happen to be involved in an accident:

  • If another vehicle is involved – do not admit liability – talk to the police and Mazda Vehicle Insurance first.
  • Identify yourself – give your name, address and registration number to the other party. If applicable obtain the attending police officer's name plus names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Contact the police – report the accident to the police if it’s more than a minor accident involving just your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is drivable complete our online claim form. We’ll deal with your claim and refer you to your local Mazda Insurance Approved Repairer for damage assessment and repairs.
  • If your vehicle is not drivable you can either complete our online claim form or call us any time and we’ll have your vehicle transported to the nearest Mazda Insurance Approved Repairer.
  • Stolen vehicle/break in – if your vehicle is stolen or broken into, report the theft to the police first, then call us on 0800 800 626. Notify us immediately if your vehicle is recovered. If your vehicle is not recovered, we will settle your claim within the terms of the policy.
  • Windscreen/window glass claim – Call 0800 800 626
  • Please read the current Mazda Vehicle Insurance Policy wording for full terms and conditions.

Need to make a claim?

If you have been involved in an accident you can call us on 0800 800 626